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The Feast You Will Not Want to Attend (Revelation Revealed Part 34)

The most anticipated and long-awaited event in human history is Jesus' Second Coming, when He will return to earth to rule and reign in righteousness. Are you ready for that? The Bible tells us there are two kinds of people --- those who are longing for Jesus' appearing and those will make war against Him when He put an end to the wicked and unjust authority they have grasped for themselves. Today it is urgent that you come to God with a humble and contrite heart and make your peace with Him. Don't delay. Prophecy shows us Jesus' return could be at any moment. He is delaying His return because He loves you and does not want any to perish outside of the covering of His Grace (2 Peter 3:9), but He will not tolerate sin, injustice, wickedness and violence forever.

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